Music For Sale

Welcome to my music for sale page. You can listen to tracks as much as you wish. All songs may be purchased for 0.99ยข for home use. Use of my music for anything other than home listening is prohibited. Film licensing prices are available by contacting me on the "Contact" page. Enjoy!


Song List

Bad Juju - Acoustic Guitar


Ride The Wave - Electric Guitar


Car Hops & Hula Hoops - Electric Guitar


The Border - Acoustic Guitar


When Mayonnaise Goes Bad - Acoustic & Electric Guitars


Waltz For Blue Guitars - Acoustic Guitar


As Long As It Gets You Home - Electric Guitar


Get On It And Ride - Acoustic & Electric Guitars


Cream Corn - Electric Guitar


First Kiss - Acoustic Guitar


Baby's Bounce - Electric Guitar


Last Dance - Acoustic Guitar


Naughty Marietta - Electirc Guitar


Laguna Dreams - Acoustic Guitar

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